Partnering in realization of medical technology
Beyond the support services, Neurosonics is directly active in medtech innovations.
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The Livia project is an example of project hosted by Neurosonics related to brain rehabilitation techniques.

This innovation consists in creating a new multi-sensory musical instrument which includes tactile, visual and auditory stimulation.

Medical applications are at the heart of the project: the first goal is to introduce it to people suffering from autism as a tool to help them interact socially, regulate their emotions and improve their body awareness.

Neurosonics has enabled the development of a prototype of the instrument.

By proving the relevance of the technology, Neurosonics is now entering a ramp-up phase towards product development, building on industrial, academic, clinical and artistic partnerships.

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Creating a pipeline of projects with medical relevance is part of Neurosonics’ development objectives. Examples of emerging topics include:

Cortical stimulation hearing aid technology

Biohybrid communication platform at the neuronal scale

Real-time transformable robot

Acoustic immersive sphere