About Neurosonics

The Company

By acting at earlier stage of your innovative projects  or with a tailored support, Neurosonics provides:


in analog and digital electronic systems


in quality and regulatory processes for
medical devices


of its experienced network

Through consulting and conception in advanced electronics, Neurosonics leads and guides internal teams and suppliers. It is also engaged in the design and implementation of cutting-edge solutions.

Neurosonics expertise in medical devices focus on neurotechnologies, neuroprosthetics, multi- electrode systems interfaced with living organisms, bioelectronic technologies, and bioinspired approaches such as neuromorphic engineering.

Neurosonics is now pursuing its development goals by integrating the human and material resources necessary to achieve autonomy. Additionally, it is enlarging its field of expertise with the acquisition of skills in acoustic systems.

Building on its experiences, Neurosonics is also a driving force in hosting innovative solutions



Neurosonics leverages the experience and network of its founder, Jean-Baptiste Floderer, expert in electro-optic systems for medical devices and neurotechnologies.

At the heart of pioneering medical innovation projects such as artificial retina for vision
restoration, Jean-Baptiste built his expertise around a key principle: developing bioelectronics and neurotechnologies as state-of-the-art therapeutic tools, able to compensate sensory deficiencies and improve the quality of life for the patients.

As a member of internationally renowned R&D units in the industrial and research spheres, he has acquired a global and long-term vision of the whole development cycle of medical devices.

Believing in the symbiotic fusion between living organisms and technologies, the challenges of biomimicry are at the core of his approach.